Our History

Stonesfair Financial was established in 1993, by a CEO with an acumen for business, and a connection to a wonderful family of investors.

One of our first ever properties was in Modesto, California. A few short years later in 1996 we spun off into Stonesfair Financial, the investor side, and Stonesfair Management, the property management side of our company.

Over the past 27 years, we have owned properties all over the western United States especially in Northern California where our CEO & President, as well as our Vice President, have gone to university, lived, and raised families.

We currently own 12 wonderful properties all in Northern California.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to enhance our properties' performance through intensive and consistent hands-on management. Stonesfair Financial and Stonesfair Management work hand in hand to ensure our investors and tenants are all satisfied. Stonesfair Financial operates meticulously as asset managers, while Stonesfair Management personally assures that our business goals are met on site.

Our Employees

We love our employees! Our employees are like family. Many of our employees, both in our corporate office and onsite at our properties, have been with us for more than 15-20 years. Each year, we host a holiday party, typically in the Sacramento, California area where the bulk of our properties are located. This is a great time to celebrate our employees, our family.